Class Cash
Our Story
Grant CEO Engineering
Connor COO Marketing
Parker CTO Engineering
Chaney Sales Marketing

A couple years ago, we met while students at Auburn University. We loved our college experience but were always short on cash. Student loan debt is out of hand and there are a ton of expenses outside tuition that nobody talks about. After years of scraping by and working side jobs while full-time students, we decided to put our heads together and create a solution.

Our vision was to create an app that would allow students to earn money without disrupting their daily lives and study patterns. We believe if a student is spending more time learning, studying, and collaborating on campus, they will have a greater chance at achieving a successful education.

It’s our mission to help as many students recieve as much money as possible. It hasn’t been easy, but through hard work and collaboration combined with our unique yet complementary skill sets, we brought this vision into a reality. We hope that you enjoy your experience with Class Cash and can’t wait to connect students with sponsors!